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01 June 2009

Has-been jazz guitarist to pro-lifers: It's all your fault

As it was expected from the on going rethoric of Darwinst Rage Boy, pro-lifers are to be blamed for every single man claiming to be a pro-life who kills another man. In Darwin Boy's logic, being against abortion somehow generates abortion killers. I guess it's like being against creationism generates creationist-killers, right Charles?
But as we’ve shown here at LGF ["we"?? You mean YOU ALONE, right Darwin Boy?], Roeder also posted comments at anti-abortion websites, subscribed to anti-abortion magazines (including one that advocated the murder of doctors who perform abortions), and when he was arrested he had a Post-It note in his car containing the phone number of Operation Rescue. Exactly how do you qualify to have “connections to the pro-life” movement, if this doesn’t do it?
huh, by the simple fact that the pro-life movement doesn't endorse the killing of abortionists as a measure to stop abortions. (That wasn't hard to grasp, was it?) Name one oficial pro-life movement that defends the killing of abortionists.

Being pro-life means being PRO-LIFE, including the life of the abortionist. There is nothing in being pro-life that justifies the killing of eugenicist "doctors". The fact that some nutjobs walk among us and go about killing abortionists (something that is condemned by all major pro-life organizations) should not be as "evidence" that the movement itself endorses killing abortionists. But I guess that for someone who can't see the design in the living world, seeing the facts without the "religion is evil!" glasses must be hard.

Note to anti-abortion groups: man up and take responsibility for Scott Roeder.
Right after you evolutionists take responsiblity for 6 million dead jews, Ota Benga, the killing of australians (seen as the "missing links"), the killing of millions of unborn babies, the cirurgical castration of "undesirables", Margaret Sanger (the liberal evolutionist woman who created Planned Parenthood as means to "exterminate the negro population"), and many other things that social DARWINISM brought to society.

When will you darwinists take responsibility for that?

As for pro-lifers taking responsibility for Roeder: sure. We will take it when he does something that is in agreement with our values and purposes. Meanwhile, we deflect your "note" and sent him back to you.

Obviously, not everyone who belongs to a “pro-life” group will go to such extreme lengths as Scott Roeder apparently did, but it’s long past time for you folks to start dialing down the rhetoric and acting more responsibly — before anyone else is hurt or killed in a shooting or an abortion clinic bombing.
There is no need to "dial down the rethoric". Our rethoric works very well. Too bad that not everyone who claims to be one of us doesn't act in agreement with what we believe.

I guess it's people like you who should take responsibility for other humans taking the law into their hands. Roeder's actions are more in line with those who think that morality is decided by humans rather then those who know that morality is decided by God.

Nice try in trying to blame ALL the pro-life movement for the actions of those who act against the purposes of the movement. Nice try, I repeat, but it doesn't work.

One more thing: Since when you get your talking points from Andrew Sullivan, the ultra-liberal?

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Margaret Sanger (the liberal evolutionist woman who created Planned Parenthood as means to "exterminate the negro population"),No she didn't, silly.

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