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11 October 2013

Shame works

The power of Shame should not be under estimated. Roosh and his fellow conspirators at Return of Kings have started on twitter #FatShamingWeek. It is a chance for the healthy amongst us to vent our rage at the degeneracy of society and the acceptance of fatness as the norm.

Naturally the fatties out there are all up in arms, if they could raise them above their head that is. This perfectly proves the point of course – the fact they rise to it means they are bothered by it. Shame works. We can also see proof that it works from the liberal defenders of fatties, who themselves may not be overweight. Their defence of fatties is more an attack on the idea of shaming than anything else. 

They care only for selfish individualism that must be funded by a powerful liberal government. If it was still shameful to have children out of wedlock then government welfare checks would perhaps be restricted.

Shame has of course been powerful against Men. A cursory glance at WW2 posts show many with women telling men it is their duty to fight. The sense of shame for shirking in your duty was a powerful motivator at the time.

Shame is also used to punish. The shaving of heads of women who slept with occupiers during wars is well known. Those who have brought shame upon the society or community must be punished.

A society without shame is an ill-functioning one. With shame we are driven to do better things, to be more moral, to reach for a higher purpose. Shame is a force for good and one that has been with humans for a long time. The infantile attempts to extinguish it are laughable.

As traditionalists we should be wary however of how our enemies can make things less shameful. The outrageous behaviour of some homosexuals and slutty women are two examples. In more traditional societies these things are still shunned.

Shaming on Twitter is good but we all have a duty to our society, community and people to shame those who engage in destructive behaviour, whether that is being fat and lazy or having children as a single mother.

Source: http://esoterictrad.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/shame-and-fat-shaming-week/

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