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16 April 2012

Let's examine the nature of Michelle Obama's 'work'.

I recall, oh, back in 2006, President Obama making a big deal about leaving his wife alone after certain comments she made that were a tad controversial concerning her pride in being an American.

I ordinarily would let this lie, but since the president brought it up, let's examine the nature of Michelle Obama's 'work'. Her license to practice law in Illinois was revoked for reasons that have never been revealed, but she was the spouse of a prominent, up and coming Democrat politician and the daughter of a well connected ward leader in Chicago.

So she took a position that apparently was created especially for her, scoring a job as 'vice president of community relations' at the University Of Chicago Hospital for a nifty salary of $121,910 right after Barack Obama entered the Illinois state legislature.

It gets better.

When Barack Obama became a U.S. senator in 2005, her 'salary' leapfrogged to $316,962 for the same job...and one of Senator Obama's first acts in office was to see to it that the hospital received over a million dollars of your tax dollars as an earmark.

After going on an extended leave of absence from her job for months on full taxpayer paid salary to be an important part of her husband's successful 2008 presidential campaign, her position was deemed so vital and important for the day to day functioning of the hospital that they didn't bother hiring anyone as 'vice president of community relations' to replace her. Yes, that vital job of hers, worth a salary of over $300K was quietly eliminated.

Yes, this is the president of the United States, comparing his wife's Chicago-style quid pro quo no show job to Ann Romney's staying home to raise her kids. Not only is it embarrasing,it's embarrassing he's not embarrassed.

Hilary Rosen, apparently on orders from on high finally 'apologized' on the order of, 'gee, I'm sorry you got offended.'

This is only going to be the beginning. Expect Mrs. Romney and every one of Governor Romney's children to be Palinized by these vicious, indecent people. It's simply not in their nature to be anything else.


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