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01 March 2012

All It Requires To Get David Shuster To Accurately Report the Facts Is A Libel Lawsuit


Shuster claimed, for the sixty bazillionth time, that James O'Keefe was a "convicted felon."

No. Misdemeanor. It was a prank, dude. And the judge threw the book at him, because, conservative.

But that book was still only a misdemeanor. That was the most this out-for-blood judge could get him for.

O'Keefe slapped him with a libel suit.

Resulting in Shuster claiming he "misspoke."

Correction; when reporting on James Okeefe's arrest, I misspoke and said OKeefe is a convicted felon. He's not. I apologize for the error.

That's on Twitter. We'll see if he corrects on Olbermann's show, where he's guest hosting, and where he made his libelous remark.

Shuster, of course, has been claiming this for years. No matter how many times people informed him he was factually inaccurate, he kept on claiming it.

Because he's not a journalist, and realizes his reputation is too stinky to ever work in that field again. He's now just a rabble-rouser in a suit.

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