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09 June 2011

Weiner Will Likely Survive Repulsive Scandal Since Democrats Don’t Resign


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was caught sending lewd tweets to several young women and lying about it. He even blamed conservatives for his repulsive behavior.

Weiner may have bared all, but he will likely survive the disgusting scandal. After all, he’s a democrat.
And, Democrats don’t resign– Ever.

Whether they’re impeached in office for perjury or caught sleeping with drunk underage pages
Democrats don’t resign.

KKK-Murder-Slandering Troops-Prostitution rings- In scandal after scandal…
Democrats don’t resign.

Did you hear about the guy busted with $90,000 in his freezer?… Yeah, he stayed in office.
Democrats don’t resign.

Drunken manslaughter?

Senator Kennedy’s car is dragged by a wrecker out of Poucha Pond. (Ytedk)

** Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) answered an ad placed in a Washington, D.C. homosexual paper, the Washington Blade, by Stephen Gobie, a male prostitute. Gobie became Barney Frank’s live-in sexual companion, and was soon running a male prostitution ring from Barney Frank’s condo. Last year Frank was chairing the Financial Services Committee.

** Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA) has sex with underage male House page. Studds turns his back on the House when he is censured. He continued to serve in House for six more terms.

** Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) plagued by scandals: Abramoff Scandal, Sons who are lobbyists, boxing tickets and other perks, land deal that made him $1 million, etc.- Serves as democratic Senate Majority Leader.

** Rep. Mel Reynolds (D-IL) was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer that began during the 1992 campaign. Despite the charges, he continued his campaign and was re-elected that November. Reynolds initially denied the charges, which he claimed were racially motivated. He was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.

** Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Her husband is impeached and involved in a record number of scandals and convictions during his term in office. She herself takes money from FBI fugitive. Today she is Secretary of State.

** Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) kills girl . Leaves her in pond to drown. Until his death he was the second longest serving member (next to the former kleagle) in the Senate.

** Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) former Ku Klux Klan Kleagle (recruiter). Democrat Byrd was the longest serving member in the US Senate.

** Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt)- in a 1985 television appearance Leahy disclosed classified information that one of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s telephone conversations had been intercepted. The information that Leahy revealed had been used in the operation to capture the Arab terrorists who had hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship and killed American citizens, and the Union-Tribune claimed that Leahy’s indiscretion may have cost the life of at least one of the Egyptian operatives involved in that operation. Because of his several leaks he was forced to step down from his seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Today he is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

** Democratic Iowan Senator Tom Harkin (and John Kerry D-MA) traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to assure Fidel Castro’s proxy Daniel Ortega that Senate Democrats were working overtime to thwart President Reagan’s efforts to bring Democracy to the region. Today he is head of Senate agriculture committee.

Are we starting to see the pattern???
Democrats don’t resign.

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