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06 December 2008

Darwinian Moonbat and Charlie Agree: Censor is Good

Darwinist Charles Johnson posts a story that shows how darwinian fundamentalists got terrified when a Zoo decided to work in cooperation with the Biblical Creation Museum.

The only point I want to address in here is the following:

"On November 30, 2008, biologist and blogger P. Z. Myers complained about the promotion at his blog Pharyngula, writing, “the Cincinnati Zoo has betrayed its mission and its trust in a disgraceful way, by aligning themselves with a creationist institution that is a laughing stock to the rest of the world, and a mark of shame to the United States,

"Biologist" and "blogger". Did he write what he did because he is a blogger and biologist? Or would it be because he is a rabid atheist, desacrator and one who promulgates violence against those who don't agree that the living world created itself? This is what atheist darwinist Myers said:

"The only appropriate response should involve some form of righteous fury, much butt-kicking, and the public firing of some teachers, many school board members, and vast numbers of sleazy, far-right politicians…I say, screw the polite words and careful rhetoric. It’s time for scientists to break out the steel-toed boots and brass knuckles, and get out there and hammer on the lunatics and idiots."

Nice friends you have there, Charlie!

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