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15 November 2008

Charles, Complexity is not Evidence for Evolution!

In his last atemp to attack Christians who believe in Genesis, Charles talks about the "Mysteries of the Genome". The funny part of that post is that it has the tag "Evolution".
What does complex, intricate, well arranged, functional, and information-filled systems have to do with the theory that says that the living world cretated itself?

It's amazing that someone makes a good observation and then makes up a totally bogus history about its past.

Charles, evolution and information do not mix. Information can only come from thinking minds. If we find coded information in the living world, then there is a Mind behind it, like it or not.

Secondly, it's rather dishonest to say that "belief in evolution does not preclude belief in God" but every time a Christian wants to use the design of the living world as evidence for God's creative and Infinite Genius, Charles pushes it to the evolutionary magical corner. This shows that it's either evolution or it«s God, but it can't be both..

Thankfully, Conservatives overwhelmingly stand with Inteligent Design.

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