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25 August 2008

Purpose of the Blog

(Changed at 18:40 - 25/08/08 - Western European Time)

This Blog in no way reflects the views on origins by the owner of Little Green Footballs.

Little Green Footballs is a blog which has very good and reliable information about politics, Israel and the conservative party, among many other issues. Charles has been in the forefront in exposing many of the things in which MSM (Mainstream Media) is being dishonest, unreliable and plainly biased towards the liberal cause.

However, when it comes to the debate between atheistic evolutionism and Inteligent Design, Charles Johnson does not reflect the views the majority of conservatives have.

As much as I like his blog (and I like it a lot), when it comes to unguided evolution, he is totally wrong on that, and I hope to show it in here.

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